I really want my animals to thrive in their new homes.  Therefore, I will ask you how much land you have and how many other animals you have to help me assess your stocking density and whether you can take on another responsibility. Stocking density opinions are evolving, like everything else.  Today, llama owners in the eastern half of the US should not have more than 2-3 llamas per acre.   Llama owners must be able to provide necessary medical care for their animals and ensure they are treated timely with a meningeal worm preventative (ie, SQ shots).   They must have access to shelter, fresh water, and fans in the summer.  Llama owners must shear their llamas for the summer season.

I do not sell nursing crias and I do not sell animals for meat, nor will I sell a single animal to a farm with no other llamas UNLESS the llama is intended to serve as a livestock sentry. 

I adhere to the International Llama Registry's Standards of Care and expect anyone to whom I sell a llama to minimally follow those standards as well.