February 26, 2013

I had to put this girl down today.  :(  She was a classic example of lumpy jaw that simply wouldn't respond to any treatment.  I kept her alive for many years, but Sunday, I knew her time was running out.  My husband and I had spent the day farm hunting (we have one hateful neighbor who keeps shooting at everyone in this godforsaken neighborhood I live in, and so we must move) and upon our return, she was lying on her side in the big pasture.  I thought she was dead, but she wasn't.  I got her up to the cush position, and she eventually was able to stand up and come into the barn and eat.  Yesterday, she was down all day and when I got home, my husband said that he and one of our nice neighbors had spent time trying to get her up, to no avail.  I felt she had hours to live, gave her some Banamine to make her more comfortable, tried to right her enough to get the gasses out, and put a fleece blanket on her.  Amazingly, she made it through the night.  So I had to call the vet out and euthanize her.  I wasn't letting her suffer any longer.

I bought her mom many years ago because her mom was pregnant with a known suri stud and expected to produce a suri cria.  She did, producing Miss Demeanor.  But that was many years ago and I didn't know the pedigrees well then.  Miss Demeanor's one and only cria was born without sufficient width in his trachea to sustain life.  We put him down before he was 24 hours old and never again bred her. 

I think she likely died of malnutrician. 

But its a sad day when I lose one before they are old.  And today is a sad day.