Routine Maintenance Chores

Sanitizing the water bins with Clorox each week
• Prevent meningeal worm infestations by subcutaneous shots every 4-6 weeks
• Weigh-in every 4-6 weeks (check for pregnancy gain, check for possible parasite infestation where weight is lost, check for proper growth in youngsters, weight needed for accurate medicine dosage)
• Clean manure from barn every other week
• Annual shearing – chance to check out entire body. Llamas generally appreciate the shearing.
• Bi-annual toe nail clipping. We use rose shears.
• Annual vaccinations (tetanus, primarily)
• Annually sanitizing the water hoses
• Poop inspection (on ground) – looking for balled poops, “off” color (anything less than dark black), soft stools, tapeworms
• Routine fecals
• Supplemental worming (oral paste or oral liquid) based on fecal results, visual inspection of manure, or Famancha test
• Famancha check every 4-6 weeks (checking for anemia in eyelid color – parasite indicator)