My Late Mother

My late mother, Lilly King Manning, attended as many llama shows with me as she could.  She wasn't much help, but she dressed well and was good company and would make food runs for us which was worth a lot at a show where you don't have time to do anything but work.  She died March 13, 2010, after being diagnosed a few months earlier with esophageal cancer.  Mom loved the llamas, loved the llama shows, and loved to buy llama stuff from the vendors at the shows. 

Husband, Andy

Andy's such a good sport, tolerating my llama shows, and keeping the farm going while I am away.  With 2 elderly dogs, its nice to never have to board them.  I think Andy got his fill of llama shows some 10 years ago when we were dating.  I'd convinced him to accompany me to the little Albemarle County Fair Llama Show where Norma Sides rounded us both up to serve as "petters" in a performance class.  At the end of the class, Norma thanked Andy for his public petting, over the loud speaker!  That pretty much made up his mind that llama people are nuts.  But he married me anyway.  

Here is Andy at our weekend place on the Chesapeake Bay, fending off the 2 elderly girls.